Donation Based & Pay It Forward system

We believe that access to holistic healthcare is an essential human right, not a privilege, and should be affordable to all. At Verbal Roots, we strive to offer services at a rate that is accessible to all. We use the model of a sliding scale so that clients with different degrees of financial privilege can support each other in receiving these services. Please pay the amount that is comfortable for you. Folks who are able to pay on the high end of the scale help subsidize those who cannot, and together we create a mutually supported community of holistic healing.

Please pay whatever you can for your appointment and if you are able, any herbs that are suggested for you can be purchased directly from us. If appropriate, we will be able to offer advice about how to grow, collect, and make herbal remedies for yourself.

We offer these services and discounts on herbs based on the honor system. If you are interested in a consultation, please fill out the form to book an appointment. Let us know which dates you would be able to attend. You can also email us ( for more information.

We also have a Pay It Forward system in which people who are comfortably resourced can support our ongoing practice of donating services and herbal remedies to those in need. If you would like to contribute to the Pay It Forward fund, you can Venmo @verbalroots with “pay it forward” in the memo or email us directly ( THANK YOU!

Note: I am not a medical doctor, therefore I do not diagnose or prescribe. I am a clinical herbalist which means I collaborate with you and my knowledge of plant medicine to resolve patterns of imbalance in your bodymind.

We, at Verbal Roots, never discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, gender expression, age, ancestry, disability, socioeconomic status, marital status, or sexual orientation, in any of its activities or operations.
As herbalists and people of color, we understand the full spectrum of the silent stress factor caused by daily wear and tear of being a person of color in this society. We are on a mission to break this chain. We are deeply aware of how systemic racism and injustice is woven through the fabric of the medical field and are extremely committed to fight for justice for ALL, however especially BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ individuals on account of time, resources, and creating layers of accessibility in our work (ie. donation based clinic)